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Life Without Gravity

Why did you do it?

Giving up security for the great unknown

A blog chronicling the up's and down's, trials and tribulations, fear and happiness of moving your life from the expected 9-to-5 job to a life of consulting. While it is a big and often scary decision, it is a time of discovery, rejuvenation and introspection that will help you remember who you are and who you were supposed to be. It's a wonderful journey.

A successful consultant friend of mine told me that I will know it, when the time comes. I had been talking about starting my consulting business for the past eight years, and she was right. I knew when the time arrived.

2015 has been the hardest year for my family and me. A family illness, my parents’ car accident and my father’s subsequent passing, and my mom left to heal wounds-physical and emotional. The journey to Pennsylvania to spend time with my dad before he left this world were the moments I needed to seal my confidence of this big move. And to remember what is important to me.

In my work I talk about generational differences and how they influence the way we communicate. I am the embodiment of Gen X. I have come to realize how much I covet, and now, for the first time in my adult life, am achieving, balance. Work had become just that – not a lot of joy left and situational elements like long commuting were draining me. But, I could not work the 60-80 hour weeks my job demanded. It was not fair to the office that I needed to travel to the east coast regularly for my parents or race across the causeway to help my family manage doctor appointments. It was not healthy for my children or husband who hardly saw me and when they did, I was exhausted. It was also not sustainable for me as I felt the tug of the sandwich generation and longed for a way to serve my family and fulfill my passion for marketing while also taking care of myself.

I work more hours than ever now that I am consulting, but I have the time and flexibility to manage my family’s needs. And, the solitude of my home office helps me explode with creativity and new thinking. I am not bound by the mandatory 8-9 meetings a day and working at night to try to keep up. I get up at 5 a.m. and work continuously until noon. Then I hit the gym, pick up my son at school, manage appointments (and answer all my email while waiting for them to end), and manage to cook dinner every night because I have my laptop sitting on the counter as I mix ingredients. I write in the evenings with a glass of wine at my side and sit in the dining room so that each of my children can stop and sit with me and talk about their days in between my writing proposals and plans for my clients.

A friend of mine emailed me recently (thanks, Chris!) when he heard the news of my new consulting adventure and shared,

“Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship which I once heard described as riding a lion.

Everyone will see you and remark `she is so brave for riding a lion.

And you’ll be on the lion saying ‘how the hell did I get on top of this lion?’”

I have named my lion “balance.” He certainly is roaring a lot while we are figuring out how to ride this thing out together, but I sleep better at night and laugh a lot more because as fierce as he is, he also guiding me to my future… with a big smile on my face.