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Case Study

Brown University

With a new vice president for University Communications, Brown University needed to know how many decentralized communications professionals were employed throughout the institution, and they were hoping to strengthen their core central marketing and communications unit. Working with Human Resources, a detailed staffing assessment was conducted. Recommendations were made for streamlining reporting lines, improving efficiencies and creating a greater sense of shared branding. The central office received recommendations for a new staffing plan that increased their ability to serve the rest of the university. By assessing its existing talent and taking inventory of outsourced services in areas like graphic design, photography, videography, writing and Web development, the University will be repurposing outsourced dollars to create a more robust and functional in-house staff.

Teaching teams to fish. Or, helping individuals to learn to fish. Both are important parts of organizational success. LML Marketing and Communications coaches professionals to navigate organizational structures, create presence for themselves and their responsibilities to senior administration. Knowing how to guide an organization toward shared messaging and create a strong sense of ownership and inclusion in the process is an art form. We help you know how to best approach branding in your organization.

We also help teams move from traditional structures that once focused on media relations and print publications to the digital era and working with nontraditional media to tell your story. Building new position descriptions and providing access to professional development, teams can move from extinct methodologies to using the ever-evolving communications tools now at our disposal. Sometimes though, those groups need a little help in moving into a new world. LML Marketing and Communications will work with your team to understand where they are, where they need to be, and create a path toward change that is inclusive and not scary.

Talent exists in every organization, but sometimes it takes a little guidance and support to help all move to a new level. We specialize in maximizing and empowering talent. Our staffing and leadership development specialties include:

  • Coaching Marketing Leaders and CEOs on Effective Marketing Approaches
  • Inventing the Contemporary Marketing and Communications Staffing Structure
  • Sharing A Vision: Creating a Strong Team
  • Social Media Writing for All Writers
  • Content Strategy and Changing Your Approach to "News"


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