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UC Davis: Differentiation in a Crowded Marketplace

The University of California, Davis, is one of 10 institutions in the University of California system. Differentiating itself in the marketplace is important as it competes not only with other institutions of higher education, but also with its sister universities. UC Davis is a place where faculty and students work together to achieve great things. Competitive, it is not cut-throat. It attracts some of the best and brightest students from around the world and preserves its culture of kindness and support for all. The “One UC Davis” campaign, the creative approach to the university’s first-ever integrated marketing plan, knitted together two campuses that were culturally and geographically separated for years: the main Davis campus and the UC Davis Health System located in Sacramento. “One” came to symbolize unification, a gentle culture and also uniqueness. Adopted within weeks of roll-out, it was the University's first shared branding campaign.

It’s more than a tagline. Message development closes the gap between what your target audiences know about you and what you want them to know. Analyzing market research and understanding who your primary and secondary audiences are the first steps to message development. Choosing carefully selected words and planning how to image your organization, LML Marketing and Communications works side by side with you to write the plan to reach targets in specific and meaningful ways. Standing out in the marketplace starts with thoughtful consideration of your message, how it will resonate and how you tailor it to your most important clients and customers. Our services include:

  • Crafting Brands that are Authentic and Inspiring
  • Employing Research to Target Messages that Resonate with Your Audiences
  • Choosing Words that Are Heard by Your Audiences

In addition, Luanne Lawrence is an experienced writer who flourishes in developing copy for strategic planning and development communications, in addition to marketing writing. She writes op-eds for leadership on important contemporary issues as well as speeches and executive communications. Luanne also dives into issues and storytelling for magazines and Web sites. Samples of writing are always available upon request.

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