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Every organization has a very different culture. Building a sense of inclusiveness and community around a brand is critical if the brand is going to be lived by everyone and felt by your customers. LML Marketing and Communications works to understand that culture, your brand and the way that you conduct business. We coach marketing professionals and leaders on maneuvering within the organization in ways that create understanding, buy-in and at the same time, provide critical feedback that makes the brand stronger and more authentic. We have extensive experience in:

  • Building a Marketing Plan that Doesn’t Sit on a Shelf
  • Inclusion, Buy-in and Adoption of Integrated Marketing Plans (including among many different geographic locations)
  • Sharing a Vision: Creating a Strong Team
  • Creating Continuous Feedback Systems That Inform Your Brand

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Case Study

Oregon State University, a Humble Brand

Oregon State University, Oregon’s land-grant university and home of the Beavers, is known to be humble and hard-working. With national excellence in environmental science, forestry, agriculture and sustainability, the quiet culture needed a boost. The “Powered by Orange” campaign was developed to help students, faculty, staff, alumni and prospective students, declare that they were environmentally and socially aware by wearing the school color, orange, and branding themselves with the brand moniker. Taking advantage of social media, the brand instantly went viral and became a model for using traditional and new media to quickly create a brand culture.

Building a Branding Culture